Final Year Student work

With students coming to the end of their degrees, the last few weeks has meant that I’ve got to see a lot of final year project work, both in terms of inividual work and group projects. It’s a time of year that I really enjoy as one of the bad points of being dean is that the day-to-day contact with the real work of the School (both in terms of teaching and research) is a lot less that I’d like.

As in previous years, it’s pleasing to see that not only is the quality of the work up there with the best around but the diversity of both the subject matter and the technology used shows that the students have really thought about how to approach problems in a creative and considered way. Just the sort of thing they’ll need in the next stage of their careers.

I’m also sure that there’ll be some prize winning pieces there, so we should be able to add to our prize winning staff and may even need to get a proper trophy cabinet!

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