A recipe for innovative degree programmes: the great creative bake off

Over 12 years experience of delivering the specialist skills that the creative industries want.
A handful of professionals at the forefront of their fields.
Some students who know what it is like to be part of the learning process.
Buckets full of a well-established model for developing the craft skills for successful careers.
A carefully measured portion of studio-based learning theory.
Essence of critical thinking and reflective practice.
A large bag of ideas.

Blend all the ingredients in a suitable space with some academic rigor at room temperature.
Mix in some design thinking and leave to develop, constantly stirring to ensure the theory and practice don’t become irrevocably separated.
Test the mixture regularly to ensure that it has the right combination of knowledge, skills, theory and practice, adjusting the mixture accordingly.
Separate into small manageable portions and leave to prove.
Once the portions have risen to their potential, place the entire batch in a validation oven at a high temperature with a top 20 university.
After several hours, remove and voila:
Three deliciously innovative integrated masters programmes!
BA/MArt The Art of Visual Effects
BA/MArt The Art of Computer Animation
BA/MArt The Art of Video Games

Mary and Paul would be proud. Not a soggy anything in sight!

That was easy, what’s next?

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